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Visit our 'Kuralai' website to find out about our Alternative livelihood project in Uzbekistan, where local women are creating beautiful traditionally embroidered bags to help save saigas.

Russian Saigas: Fundraising Appeal

A sudden, mysterious outbreak of disease currently threatens the saiga’s existence.
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The Centre for Wild Animals in the Republic of Kalmykia is the leading saiga captive breeding centre. Due to government restructuring, it currently has no funding, even to feed its animals, and its staff are working unpaid.

Please help to secure the future of this vital conservation centre.

Saigas are one of the most threatened species on the planet. Their numbers declined by 95% in just 15 years.

The Saiga Conservation Alliance (SCA) is committed to saving the critically endangered saiga antelope from imminent extinction. We are a long-standing network of scientists and conservationists who work across saiga range states on grassroots projects informed by sound science. At the SCA we believe in bringing stakeholders together to emphasize human needs and to act as a catalyst for sustainable conservation solutions.
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Хорошие новости! Вышел последний номер Сайга Ньюс

Хорошие новости! Вышел последний номер Сайга Ньюс



Жақсы жаңалық! Сайга Ньюстың соңғы нөмірі шықты

Жақсы жаңалық! Сайга Ньюстың соңғы нөмірі шықты



Urgent funds needed for the Centre for Wild Animals in Kalmykia

This wonderful centre, run by professor Yuri Arylov was established in 2002 with funding from the local Kalmyk government in order to address the devastating decline in saigas across the region.

The CWA was founded primarily as a saiga breeding centre, in order to maintain a saiga gene pool and to breed and raise captive saigas. However, since its opening the centre has done so much more to help this critically endangered species.



Young Conservation Leaders Award

Young conservation leaders award - call for applications extended till June 30th..... APPLY NOW!


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